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Construction Management

Having a new home or business built is an exciting prospect. But knowing where to begin and which contractor to choose can be a daunting task. That's why at Golden Standard Construction, we do our best to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our three step plan is simple. We meet with you to discuss the vision you have in mind for your home or commercial front and then our draftsman get to work on designing a functional layout that checks all the ticks on your wish list. During this process, we explore materials including flooring types, cabinetry, tiling, fixtures---everything. Once all these factors are accounted for, we can give you a bottom number on pricing.

Once we get to work, you'll be amazed at the progress we make. Our builders begin with laying sturdy foundations and frameworks for your home or commercial front for a solid structure that lasts. We come in with drywall, trim work, painting and installing all the unique fixtures and additions you desire. Our mission? To make your vision a reality.

An Overview Of Our Services

Take a moment to explore our building and new construction services below! We proudly address the commercial and residential construction needs for clients throughout Traskwood, AR and beyond!


Ready to have your dream home brought to life? Then leave it to the contractors at Golden Standard Construction LLC! We offer new construction services for residential clients seeking to have a custom home built they can cherish for years to come!


Since we specialize in steel buildings, you can be confident in choosing our building contractors to address your commercial building needs! No matter the scope of design, we can build it with ease!


With Golden Standard Construction LLC you get the most for your build. Why? Because we're experienced and versatile. As part of our range of services we address new construction needs at the production level and custom level. So what's the difference? To put it simply, full builds offer plans and layouts to choose from. Potential owners are able to choose from various styles and materials they would like incorporated. Custom builds on the other hand involve builds that are constructed from scratch. We work with future home and business owners to devise a completely custom layout suited to your design preference.

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